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Ladies Realm Ltd is a UK retail company and complies with UK consumer law.

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Ladies Realm's prices include VAT at the standard UK rate. 


Whilst we have made every effort to accurately represent the products on this website, the product images are for illustration only, and may not represent the products we hold in stock, for example in terms of shade, size or shape. Furthermore, the products on this website represent a small sample of a constantly changing stock that we hold in store. As such, the products listed on this site will change, and will not necessarily represent the products that we have in store. If there are discrepancies and errors with the products listed on this website, please let us know and we will make amendments accordingly.

The technology behind this website is safe, secure and reliable. However, in the instance of technical errors, it is possible that products may be misrepresented. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and please contact us if you have questions about or experience issues with the website technology.


Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns about your experience at any branch of Ladies Realm or using the website, please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us page.